MAESTRILAND is the collection of weird furniture and objects conceived by Andrea Maestri, italian architect and designer based in Milan.
His boundless visionary talent and playful fantasy led him to create a family of dreamlike hallucinations, always blurring the lines among design, art and craftsmanship.
Following an unusual creative process, Andrea Maestri defines his peculiar way in contemporary furniture design and brings us to a universe populated by sensual, iconic and fetish creatures.
These objects are based on provocative themes taken without inhibitions from everyday life, trying to turn upside down common beliefs and to create unpredictable scenarios; the final result has timeless and symbolic meanings able to describe the obsessions and shocking perversions of human society.
An irreverence for conventional design and a transgressive approach are the main features of this furniture collection; walking on the wild side of contemporary design, it’s surprisingly mixed with irony and a touch of humour.
MAESTRILAND creations are handmade and produced in limited editions with the highest quality by excellent italian craftsmen; the collection is constantly exploring a wide range of materials and techniques, integrating advanced technologies with ancient manufacturing traditions.
MAESTRILAND works are published on several international art / design magazines and websites, moreover proudly exhibited in the renowned museum Triennale di Milano and during Milan Design Week.