Project Description


Dear mama

Toy box
Wood, lacquering, iron, rope
63 x 63 x 141H cm (24.8″ x 24.8″ x 55.5″H)

Childhood is a special experience in everybody’s life, it’s a combination of happy moments and frightening discoveries.
“Dear mama” is the piece of MAESTRILAND collection dedicated to this magic period and represents a short circuit between the idea of life and death put together in the same object: the colorful, playful unconscious of adolescence is matched with a scary and rough noose…the final result is a small domestic scaffold.
This weird furniture is the perfect accessory for any children room, furthermore it’s very practical because the big drawer in the wooden base can be used as a box for toys…and if the baby is too noisy, you can also try the upper part!

Price on request