Project Description






Wood, mirror, polyurethane foam, chenille, ecologic fur
112 x 18 x 216H cm (44.1″ x 7.1″ x 85″H)

“L’origine du monde” painted by Gustave Courbet was the celebration of feminine beauty and sexual desire at the end of 19th century, in the same way “Firepussy” is a maternal hallucination where you can find yourself reflected inside, it’s a huge and soft toy to hang on the wall.
Handmade by excellent italian artisans, it’s fully covered with sensual bright red fur and pink chenille that give it a super glamorous connotation.
When you look inside this over-scaled unusual furniture, you are suspended in an exciting dimension; it’s a dreamlike place where you can free your primitive instincts in amazing perfomances.
“Firepussy” was selected for “KAMA. Sesso e Design” a great exhibition in Triennale di Milano in 2013 about the relationship among sexuality, art and design.

Price on request