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In the name of the Fathers

Brass, steel, gold, crystals, synthetic pearls
Ø50 x 2.5H cm (19.7″ x 1″H)

The three greatest dictators and murderers of 20th century are grouped together and celebrated in MAESTRILAND furniture collection as saints of catholic iconography; this political and religious provocation overturns reality and transforms evil characters into ethical models to follow with admiration.
As an ancient jewel or a sovereign’s accessory, this contemporary baroque tray is made of shining gold and enriched with hundreds of elements realized with precious materials such as set pearls and crystals of various dimensions; the decoration has an obsessive rhythm with small symbolic skulls running around the edge in a sort of macabre dance.
Furthermore, the bright and saturated colours of the uniforms have a balanced chromatic contrast with the exuberance of adornment, creating a piece of unusual beauty and opulence.

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