Project Description



Kuriosity Killed the Kat

Table lamp
Fabric, resin, brass, iron, plastic
Ø21 x 71H cm (Ø8.2″ x 27.9″H)

In everyday life we normally avoid to show our real identity and sincere thoughts because we are afraid of being excluded, our society is based on a balanced compromise where people hide their true feelings behind personal masks.
This creative table lamp is a real enigma: with its iconic and minimal look, it represents a synthesis of political extremism, of carnival extravaganza and a memory of ancient religious processions that still take place in some southern regions of Italy.
The hood is made of white linen sprayed with resin to fix the shape and to give it a high resistance, it stands vertically without any structure inside.
Probably this is the most experimental work in MAESTRILAND collection and transforms a provocative message into an object of contemporary design.
When it’s switched on, the lamp completely lights up becoming an ambiguous ghost.

Price on request