Milan Design Week 2014

Milan Design Week 2014 “In the name of the Fathers”, the most precious work of MAESTRILAND furniture collection, is exhibited during Milan Design Week 2014 inside a mysterious “wunderkammer” situated in Brera Design District, a special place full of outstanding treasures and charming objects. This is the perfect location for a [...]

Milan Design Week 2013

Milan Design Week 2013 A selection of works from MAESTRILAND furniture collection are on show during Milan Design Week 2013. Five essential pieces are displayed in a neutral white space, showing all their communicative power and iconic presence: visitors will start a journey inside this unusual family, discovering a bizarre universe [...]

KAMA. Sesso e Design

KAMA. Sesso e Design “Firepussy” and “Johnny”, two main characters of MAESTRILAND furniture collection, are proudly selected for “KAMA. Sesso e Design” a great exhibition in Triennale di Milano about the relationship among sexuality, art and design. The heart of the exhibition is a survey, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, from [...]